candice baird 150x150 AboutMOT Bits is a blog for the Mother Of Twins and the “Bits” of things I have learned, experienced, enjoyed, disliked, laughed at, cried at, etc. since I became a Mother of Twins. I came up with the idea of this blog when one day my husband pointed out I like to talk a lot about being a mother of twins. Apparently there was two situations that day where a question was directed to him and I piped up, cut him off, and answered the questions with every little detail. I wondered why I do that? Because I am passionate about sharing knowledge that I have gained to help others. I do not know everything!! Everyday I wish I knew more about raising twins, but everyday I do learn more. I hope you other MOTs out there will enjoy laughing, crying, loving and learning with me as I raise my twins. I also want to learn from other MOTs.