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  1. Hi guys ,

    I have twin daughters . Their milestones are all delayed. They are more than two and a half years and still cannot talk. They are getting different therapies like speech . I am from NY but we are going to move out . I was told CPSE services are not vey good outside NY . I don’t want my girls to end up in special school at 5 years . Does anybody know about the the US states apart from NY which have good CPSE services ? Please help. Thanks

  2. i have a question if my twins are not going down for a nap but have already have two bottles and when i try to discipline them and all they do is laugh at me,why is that? i dont know what to do now, please someone give me some adivce

  3. Hi, I was just looking for advice. My twins are 3.5 years old identical twin boys.. There great friends and have never being separated for more than 2/3 hours since they were born. They go to preschool 2 days per week however in the last 2 weeks the older more outgoing twin had being socializing more with the other kids in school.. They usually play together and mix together but now the older twin is making his own friends and the younger quieter twin is feeling left out and becoming more quiet and clingy. I was wondering if any one else had a situation like this and what should I do? I know it’s good for the older twin to mix with other children but I don’t know what to do?? Thanks (“,)

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