Just Found Out You Are Pregnant with Twins?

Shockedemotion 150x150 Just Found Out You Are Pregnant with Twins?Surprised ~ Shocked
scared 150x150 Just Found Out You Are Pregnant with Twins?Scared
excited 150x150 Just Found Out You Are Pregnant with Twins?Happy ~ Excited
confused 150x150 Just Found Out You Are Pregnant with Twins?
Worried ~ Overwhelmed

As I have talked to other MOTS, I have heard some different reactions to the news from the ultrasound tech, or a doctor saying something like “There is more then one baby.” For me, having been on Clomid for fertility issues, we knew there was a slim possibility of a multiple birth, so I had an early ultrasound. When the tech realized why I was there, her announcement was “Yep, there is just two in there.” “Just TWO?” I thought, that’s plenty! Honestly, my first reaction was excitement. I had kind of hoped it was twins, even though I hadn’t fully thought that through!

As I started to think things through, all the other emotions began to set in. I was a little scared and worried how my pregnancy would go. Would I be put on bed rest? Would I deliver early? Would the babies be healthy? (See My Pregnancy and Labor and Delivery Posts soon to come.)

Then overwhelmed, how was I going to take care of two babies? I don’t even know how to take care of one yet? (They were my first.)

My husband’s says his first reaction was that he was sick to his stomach.  He didn’t know how he was going to support a family of four.

One of the reasons I have started this blog was to help expectant MOTs know how GREAT and FUN twins can be. It’s not easy and all the above emotions are very appropriate. I didn’t cry when I found out, but don’t feel bad if you did. I mean, we have all the pregnancy emotions and then on top of that to be told that your life is not only changing times one, by times two.

I am here to help! I am here to support! I hope that motbits.com will become a community of mothers of twins to help each other. Please continue to read my upcoming posts for all the tips, books to read, and favorite products etc. to help you.

You can do it! You can make it though your pregnancy, you can have a great birth experience and you can raise two little ones at one time! It takes Faith! Faith in yourself. Faith in a Higher Power that entrusted you with two little ones and faith in whoever you have to help.

I’m excited to add a series of Podcasts to motbits.com. These Podcasts will be interviews with expectant mothers of twins, new mothers of twins and those who are a little more experienced mothers of twins. Listen to their stories of how they found out they were pregnant with twins.

We would love to hear your story! Please post a comment and share your experiences to help others! If you are interested in guest posting or participating in Podcast interviews, please email me candiceATmotbitsDOTcom.

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6 thoughts on “Just Found Out You Are Pregnant with Twins?

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  2. I found you through today’s link-up on Multiples and More!

    Those emotions are true for all Mothers of Multiples. I know this is primarily a twin site, but I have quads and went through pretty much the same thing. In fact, for me, I’d have to add anger to the list as well. “I couldn’t get pregnant and now I was having FOUR?!?! How is that fair??”

    You are so right that all of those feelings are normal. And expectant moms can work through them. I did, and I LOVE my life as a quad mom now! I am so grateful that God allowed me the privilege of raising my kids…even if it is a bit hectic.

    (and if you’d ever consider a quad mom guest post, I’d love to be on the list of potentials. 🙂 )

    • Thanks Rebecca for your comment! Yeah, I can see why anger could be a first reaction too. I would love to have you do a guest post. What are you especially passionate about or an expert regarding multiples? Please email me candiceATmotbitsDOTcom.

  3. I cried when I found out I was having twins. It was an unplanned pregnancy to begin with and finding out there were two babies was more than I could deal with. My oldest was a HORRIBLE sleeper and so difficult during her first few months that we seriously considered not having any more. I had no idea how I was going to handle two babies (who ended up, fortunately, being better sleepers than their big sister). I think my twins were about 8 months old before I was truly in the acceptance stage. It wasn’t that I didn’t want both of them, it was just that I wanted them one at a time. It was a dark period in my head and my heart, but I was angry about the timing of the pregnancy and overwhelmed at the idea of TWO babies. Now, though, my girls are fantastic and beautiful and it’s amazing to see how much they love each other.

  4. I just found out i was having twins 3 days ago. These are my first babies. Im nervous and scared. My hubby just kept saying my wallet, my wallet as i cried. I am scared because last year we had a miscarriage at 16 weeks. We are now 14 weeks.

    • Terri-
      How has your pregnancy gone? I hope all is well and you have become more used to the idea of having twins. I’d love to stay in touch with you. My twins are now almost 7 and I have 2 other children younger. I used to spend a lot of time on this blog as I was so passionate about helping others with twins, but as they have gotten older, I haven’t made it a priority to blog. I still loving being a resource for other MOTS, so let me know if you have any questions!!!


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